6 Art Influencers That Anyone Should Follow On Social Media

It is undeniable that social media has changed the world as we once knew it. It has become a powerful tool for promotion and advertising, and most of the time it leads us to useful and entertaining content. Sometimes, we can even start our search by looking at cool t-shirts and end up discovering something like the Golden nugget bonus code. No matter the case, social media has always something new and exciting to offer.

It goes the same for art. Art as we once knew it, was only available at particular places known only by a handful of people. Today, due to the impact that social media had on younger generations, art is present everywhere, in different shapes and forms. Artists around the world are using the power of social media to reach their audience and deliver important messages through exquisite art. And some of them totally deserve that you click that LIKE or FOLLOW button.


One of the most controversial artists of contemporary art has to be the man whose face remains a mystery to this day. Even though no one really knows who he is, Banksy’s art has reached millions of people. By using his work, he has been sending powerful political, social, and environmental messages across the globe. 

Usually, his art is done on public property, thus creating an even greater impact on the audience, since it is daring, meaningful, and bold. He deserves to be followed on social media not only by artists for inspiration, but others as well, who are interested in finding out more about current issues around the world.

Benny Or

Benny Or started his career as an architect only to later become a hybrid environmental design artist. Today he merges art and architecture in the most beautiful ways and has been a true inspiration to artists worldwide.


Contemporary artists have shown the world that art is more than painting and drawings. Art can be made out of anything, only if you have enough imagination. And that is what you will get to understand if you start following Olek on social media. By using different fabrics like yarn she is creating amazing art by covering existing structures. All her followers will enjoy seeing ordinary objects being turned into magnificent works of art. 

Nancy Spector

In order to be inspired and be up to date with current art “trends”, you shouldn’t follow only artists. A real connoisseur of art can also do the trick. One such example is Nancy Spector and her Instagram page. She is an art curator and artistic director at one of New York’s most famous museums, Guggenheim. BY following Nancy on social media you can learn more about famous artists but also discover new ones that are worth remembering. 

Velvet Spectrum

If you are into digital work of art, Velvet Spectrum should definitely be on your list. The Los Angeles based design studio has been collaborating with important brands like Nike, and constantly share their breath-taking visuals and illustrations. 

Adrian Cheng

An art influencer who has helped many artists to promote their work is also the founder of the K11 Art Foundation. If you are interested in seeing something different, then this is the person to follow.