Abstract Art: How to Understand It & How Important It Really Is?

Most of us will immediately recognize almost any form of abstract art as soon as we see it. But, what is actually abstract art? How can one define it? What kind of message abstract art sends?

According to some artists, abstract art gives the spectator the freedom of interpreting art in their own way. In other words, if you want to know what the artwork is about, look inside your mind and you will find the answer. 

Interpretation of Abstract Art

Since abstract art is..well, abstract, the interpretation is also something rather personal and unique. In order to understand abstract art you will need more than your eyes, you will need your intuition and your imagination. See what kind of emotions this artwork evokes in you, see whether it is capable of taking you on a journey through your imagination – and that would be enough.

This kind of art certainly isn’t straightforward, clear and suggestive, but rather mystical, challenging, and complicated. This is why the spectator needs to engage with the work of art in order to be able to understand it. 

Creating Abstract Art

Creating abstract art gives the artist full flexibility, freedom, and versatility when expressing themselves. By the simple use of color, texture, form, and composition, the process becomes rather spontaneous and liberating for the artist. 

Context of Abstract Artwork

Appreciating any abstract work of art is only possible if one completely opens up and let that precise artwork tell you what it means to you. Of course, the artist’s message behind it all is certainly of great value to any piece of art, but the essence of abstract art is that it could present something completely different to you. There is no need to search and think of any particular logical explanation behind the artwork – but experience it in your own way, give it your own context and meaning. 

Surely, knowing the artist’s intention, state of mind, and emotions will help you create the picture the artist wanted to convey. Together with your own interpretation, it will complete your understanding of an abstract piece of art. 

We also need to keep in mind all the factors that might have affected the artist when creating that precise abstract artwork. Sometimes the politics, culture, society, and the period in which the art was created will be of great help when interpreting painting, photo, sculpture, or installation. 

The History of Abstract Art

Did you know that abstract art is far older than the twentieth century or Kandinsky? There are some artworks that are as old as 70,000 years. Moreover, abstract art has been present in many different cultures around the planet way before someone decides to give this form of art a category. This is precisely why it is so important to understand such art. As they played and still play a great part throughout the existence of humankind.  

Just think about the fact that this type of art came even before the language in from of different clothing items, decorations, and painting in the caves. All in all, abstract art is so unique and experiencing, and understanding it is a very personal process – you already know, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.