Best Apps for Art Lovers and Aspiring Artists

Art can speak to us on an individual level, which is why we find it so absorbing. Novels, paintings, songs, movies, poems, and even video games can all have a powerful message that resonates with our being. This is why many people are art collectors, love to learn more about the artist, and also love to attend art exhibitions. It is now so easy to find galleries, websites, or fun facts about art using apps. So, those of you who just love art, or want to become an artist, should have some of these apps installed on your smartphones.  

Google Arts & Culture

If you want to explore cultural and historical treasures from all over the world then definitely install Google Arts & Culture. The app allows you to have an in-depth exploration of masterpieces from artists like Van Gogh, you can use it to learn more about Black history, or access image archives from NASA. So anyone who wishes to aggregate insights on art from all over the world, cannot go wrong with Google Arts & Culture. Moreover, you can transform your own photos into classic artwork, find portraits that sort of look like you, and use VR features to wander digital galleries. 

Daily Art

If you are familiar with all the most renowned works of art then you should get the Daily Art app. This app will give you more insights and background stories behind some of the famous masterpieces. There are over 700 biographies and over 2000 famous works of art here, as well as stories about Pollock, Van Gogh, Da Vinic, etc. So those of you who wish to be a superstar during art trivia nights should view Daily Art as their secret weapon.  

Paris Invaders Map

You can turn your love for art into a real-life adventure by going on a scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt is about a mysterious street artist known as “Invader” who has invaded different cities all over the world. You can find his work in London, New York, Hong Kong and you should be able to recognize them with ease. This app will make that journey a lot more dynamic as it will allow you to track color markers,  and search the map by relying on a mosaic number. 

Art Quiz

Finally, all of those fun facts and history lessons will be tested using the app with a pretty self-explanatory name – Art Quiz.  This is really an interactive application and has lots of quizzes on different artwork materials. It can also be pretty educational, and it’s way more than just answering historic facts. Moreover, you will unlock new quizzes as your high score increases. Also, don’t worry, it’s not like the app is asking questions and then you just google the answers. You will need to think quickly as there is a short time frame for you to provide the answer to a question. 

So these are some of the best apps for artist lovers, hopefully, you will find them useful and entertaining as well.