Casino Movies Based on True Stories

Over the years, many moviemakers and film directors have derived inspiration for their movies from casinos and casino-goers. Many of these movies are so fascinating that it is almost impossible to believe that some of them tell a story that actually happened at a certain time. If you prefer betting on sports instead of casino games, try this scommesse Snai bonus and get a welcome bonus when you sign up! In the meantime, here are the top three casino movies based on a true story.

Hard Eight (1996)

The third place on our list is taken by Paul Thomas Anderson’s neo-noir crime thriller movie named “Hard Eight”. The story starts when a man in his 60s, named Sydney, bumps into a guy, John, sitting outside a diner and finds out that John cannot afford to pay his mother’s funeral. Sydney offers John to be his gambling mentor and help him get by, after which they head to Las Vegas together. There, John easily earns the necessary money and much more than he needs, but he also falls for an attractive waitress, Clementine. The tension increases when John and Clementine take her client hostage with no good plan what to do next.

21 (2008)

The movie that wins the second place on our list is Robert Luketic’s heist drama movie entitled “21”. The protagonist, MIT math major Ben Campbell, gets accepted into Harvard Medical School but he cannot afford to pay the tuition of 300,000 dollars. However, Ben finds out that there is a scholarship program that could cover the costs, but he needs to write an amazing essay to land it. While thinking about his essay, Micky Rosa, Ben’s professor, challenges him to solve a nonlinear equation. Upon successfully solving the problem, Ben is invited by Rosa to join his blackjack team. Although reluctant at first, Ben gives in after being coaxed by a future team member, Jill, saying that he will do it only to pay for the medical school. The team members become experts at counting cards and they go to Las Vegas where they earn millions.

Casino (1995)

Without any doubts, the first place belongs to the epic crime movie directed by Martin Scorsese “Casino”.  It is a story of Sam “Ace” Rothstein, a gambler and sports handicapper, who heads the Tangiers Casino for the Chicago Outfit, an Italian-American organized crime syndicate. He impresses his Mafia boss, Remo Gaggi, by managing to run the casino while the gaming license is pending, so the boss decides to protect his investment by sending a mob enforcer, Nicholas “Nicky” Santoro, who is Sam’s childhood friend. Sam falls in love with an ex-prostitute and hustler, Ginger McKenna, has a daughter and gets married. Caught between Nicky and Ginger and the neat enterprise in his charge, Sam embarks on a saga of violence and betrayal.