Is Creativity Inborn or can it be Taught?

This question has come around many times, and people will always have their own opinions. They have good sources on where they stand and some just don’t- they only believe. But what is the true answer? To put it simply, you can learn creativity- you just have to do other things other than your normal routine. You need to spice things up a bit.

Don’t Listen to Negative Judgement

There is no work of creativity (be it a song or a movie, a book or a painting) that made everybody happy. They only have bigger or smaller audiences. Knowing this will help you realize that you just can‘t make everyone happy. Your creative wisdom can be seen as good by some people, while others will not enjoy it at all.

Your creation has a life of its own. Once it is created and started living its life, it will touch the lives of people you didn’t even know were familiar with your creation. Such is the life of a creative person, an artist- they are only letting something through and it‘s up to the world to either accept or deny it. No matter if people like something or not, often they will not ignore what is going on around them. Their lives change thanks to you, creatives.

All too often we are also categorized in a way that makes us a creative person or not to other people. For instance, if we can draw or paint or colour a certain and professional way, then that is what makes us a creative person. That is wrong- everyone is creative in their own ways and will only improve with time if they concentrate and practice. Sure you could be more creative than some other people, but it does not make them a non-creative person either. You could be born with it sure, but it does not mean that if you weren’t you are not or cannot become creative. It’s a thing you can always be, you just have to think more critically and strategize happenings.

Every single day is a step closer to being more creative. The way you think about things or the way you do things. You can use different strategies and ways to go about your business. There are endless possibilities for everyone to do- this makes everyone more creative. So remember that if someone says you can’t do something or that you are not something- don’t listen to them. You can do all of those things because you really are.