Most Bizarre Bets

If you have ever tried your luck at online gambling, I bet you’re wondering- what are the most bizarre bets in this world? There are actually quite a few of them, and they can make you wonder just what were these people thinking? They’re really what the title says- “bizarre bets” at its finest.

There are Some Who Bet on the End of the World

Yes, you did hear that right. Something so ridiculous as this- people still fall for it and waste their money on it. There is no shortage of the weirdos who bring up some false claims of the world ending every year at a certain time because of something specific. In my opinion, it’s to just cause alarm and panic- there is no solid evidence of these things happening, and it seems people just want to be scared- and lose their money.

For a specific date- September 23rd of 2017, some have claimed the world was going to end. And of course we can all see how that played out. They even bet on where the Planet X was going to hit Earth and cause chaos. Some places that were mentioned were Ireland, Australia and even England among many others. Everyone always wants to win money in some way, so of course they allow people’s imaginations to run wild in a bad way.

Betting on Sick Patients Who Might not Last Long

It sounds just as sick as it actually is. You can now bet on how long you think a patient in a hospital will survive while being sick. You don’t get lucky if they don’t make it past 1 month- but if they do survive through that month to even up to 6 months you can win and receive even more than what you bet on.

In order to participate in this, you must pay a fee of 43 Pounds which is around 48 Euros. The bookmakers will also even visit the patients to see their status in health too. Some have even said that the family of the patients are the ones doing this and that the money they can make from it goes to the funeral services. I’m not so sure about the doctors and nurses, but people have also said that some of them do this too- it’s a way to make extra cash. I personally could never do that- it’s not something respectful, that is for sure.

Betting on the New Baby’s Name of Kim and Kanye West

This could be fun and also a little bit funny for some hardcore celebrity followers out there. We all know how imaginative their babies names are, so what will the next one’s be? Why don’t you place a bet and hope to get some cash in the meantime? You could win big, or not- no one can ever guess exactly what they have in mind for a name.

Betting on Who the Next Doctor is in Doctor Who

Who do you think will become the one? Why not place your bets on your assumptions? You could get lucky- or you could also not. However, if you really know this show, you could have some good guesses in there and may just hit the home run.