Painted Ceilings In Casinos – High Art Or Not?

Casinos and art – what is the connection between the two? Creativity? The correct answer is – painted ceilings! This is not about the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, this is about casinos all over the world.

If you’ve only played at online casinos, you may have noticed this trend. Promotions from MrPlay and other online casinos are really enticing, but if you are looking for a more engaging experience filled with beautiful architecture and paintings, then your best bet is to go to a land-based casino. Enter a casino, look up, and what you see are frills of Renaissance. Las Vegas casinos have started building aged walls, frescoes which resemble real Renaissance frescoes, marble which is acrylic etc. Modern variants of old famous Renaissance crafts can be found nowadays in Las Vegas and its prestigious casinos. For example, at the Venetian casino resort, you can find celestial vault or painted St Mark’s Square!

Talented people all over the world come to Las Vegas to make fake statuary, and copies of famous works of art. As ironic as it may seem, this resembles artists in Europe in the Renaissance period coming to patrons such as Medici to produce their works of art. Nowadays, instead of Europe, they buy tickets for America, and instead of Medici, they come to casino owners.

Some people do not find this odd, they believe that any work of art is good, and there should be as many as possible. Others disagree and believe that artworks do not belong to casinos. Anyhow, the question that remains is what led to this phenomena. How did Las Vegas casino owners become the new Medici?

In the following paragraphs, we will try to explore possible reasons for this phenomena.


Casinos have represented a luxurious and glamorous lifestyle. In the past, gambling and other betting games were part of parties held by aristocrats in their impressive households. The venue has changed but the people have remained the same. Nowadays, the old aristocracy is replaced by the rich. Not many can afford to gamble and visit casinos. For that reason, casinos have been reserved for those who can afford it – the rich. Being in a casino requires formal attire and formal behavior.

What is the connection with art? The art market is also reserved for the same kind of people. Only a minority of art collectors are passionate about art. The majority, unfortunately, are people belonging to the upper, rich, class who see works of art as a ticket to a prestigious and glamorous lifestyle.

Therefore, this is the connection. Works of art represent prestige and glamour, luxurious lifestyle not available for the majority of people, casinos represent the same. So why don’t they bring works of art, or their copies at least, to casinos?


Art has always been a good influence on people. It is believed that being surrounded by works of art increases the concentration level. True or not, being surrounded by artwork makes you feel comfortable. feel comfortable and safe in a casino.