Things To Know Before Hiring A Live Event Painter

There are many events that we celebrate nowadays. Some of the more traditional ones like the wedding or the first birthday of your child, and those that have become popular in recent years like sweet sixteen and bachelor/bachelorette party. However, they all have one thing in common. And that is, that we all want to make these days special in our own unique way. 

Different people want different things. Therefore we always try to come up with new ideas so that our special day is like no other. From hiring pop stars to organizing a surprise dance with friends and family members, people come up with new and fresh ways to look back on that day as something unforgettable.

As of late, there is a new trend that people like to include in their events. Live event painting is a fun and interesting way to own fond memory of an event that is important to you. But first, let’s explain what live event painting is, and then we will say something more about choosing the right artist for this job. 

What is a live painting event?

In order to know if you really need a live painting event for your special day, then you should know what this is. First of all, live painting if a form of performance art. It is centered around the artist who finishes the visual art piece in front of the audience. The event is usually held in a public place or a venue like a restaurant or a bar and accompanied by music. It is also important to point out that the work of art done in such an event can be either improvisation or planned ahead. The final work of art differs in many ways from the one done in an art studio. 

Even though the live painting was once performed only for exclusive events like the Olympics or by street artists, it has become more and more popular among the general public. 

Hiring a live event painter

You may think that a live event painting can be done by any artist. But this is not the case. Although many artists are thrilled with the idea of working spontaneously and to be constantly surrounded by the source of their inspiration, there are others who are terrified by the idea of the continuous feeling of a deadline that must be completed in a few hours. Therefore, opting for the right live event painter can be a bit challenging.

Nevertheless, there are a few tips that you might want to remember if you wish to avoid feeling disappointed with the final product. 

  • Make sure that the artist is seated is such a way that he/she doesn’t distract other guests, but that you can always take a look at what he/she is doing. 
  • The area around the artist should be protected in order not to leave stains
  • Agree beforehand on the scene that the artists should focus on.
  • Point out that you wish the painting to be done before the end of the event so you could take it home with you.
  • Come to an agreement about the canvas size.