Tips for Designing Artwork for Online Gambling Niche

Gambling graphics design has been in development since the first online casinos have been established. They all started following a pattern of using certain colours and layouts. These designs help players experience various casino games.

For example, because the use of artificial lighting is mostly applied in casinos all around the world, designers can use this advantage in presenting their lettering in bright shiny colors. Light strips can be found everywhere and slot wins become a flashy event to indicate how happy the slot machine is because someone won. Even the sites that promote certain online casinos, such as the casinopromote website with the 777 bonus code offer, follow these trends and try to conform to the established pattern that has been shown to work.

Bright Colours

As mentioned above, bright colours such as bright blue, bright red, white, pink, purple and others are represented as part of most casinos. Carpets are colourful as well and they indicate prestige. These design elements and colour combinations are also transferred to online gambling website designs. Neon bright colour menus and graphic elements must work together to portray the atmosphere from the real-life casino.

The Casino Experience

Building this experience from the ground up can be challenging. You should start by visiting a real casino, spend some time there looking around. As a designer for online casinos, you are not required to try out casino games – visiting a casino is free, and often they do offer food and drinks there just like most other places.

As you look at different slot machine designs, carpets and curtains, also notice how people are dressed. They are the game operators who serve the players. They mostly wear nice clothes that represent class and to show that they are actually making money doing their job, and happy to do so. After your first visit to a casino, walk into another casino, you will notice that the theme might be different. It might be a wild west theme, but now it’s a jungle theme. Casinos change their theme to try and achieve originality. You can easily implement this into your online casino design.

Themed Casino Designs

As you can see, if you research casino themes on the internet, you will find a wide range, starting from popular movies all the way to time periods, such as ancient Egypt. In this theme, you can spot the pyramids everywhere, but this time they are often made of gold to illustrate the reward you might get. Another popular choice is a jungle theme because everyone likes nature, but also because of the pirates. Back in the day, they used to rob people out on the sea and then hide their treasures on the tropical islands around the world. This led the treasure hunters straight into the jungles to look for the treasure. Casinos are modern day places to look for treasures. This is inspiring people to come and look for something that is not easy to find, but they will not get their hands dirty, they can just pull a lever or push buttons to get lucky. That’s what the casino is about, you should represent this with your design.