Top Five Most Beautiful Casinos All Over The World

People have always enjoyed good entertainment and good games, and since a long time ago, betting and gambling have been one of the favourite ways of entertainment. In the Ancient Rome, people enjoyed betting on gladiators in huge arenas, while nowadays people love betting on sports through an online betting platform and gambling in luxurious casinos.
Casinos have always represented a mysterious and luxurious lifestyle not available for everybody. It has been a place of prestige and glamour for those who could afford it. Casino owners have tried to make their casinos beautiful and glamorous in order to make their target audience feel comfortable and to attract as many visitors as possible. They have tried to build thematic casinos, such as Western casinos in the United States Of America, or to build casinos resembling Paris, old Greece, Venetia and many other places. For instance, in Las Vegas Casinos, it is popular to paint ceilings and to make remakes of famous works of art. Nevertheless, regardless of your approval or disapproval, the fact is that they try to make an effort. Since some casino made an amazing effort and built very beautiful and glamorous casinos, in the following paragraphs, we will try to present to you the top five most beautiful casinos all over the world.


Casino St Moritz is in the Swiss Alps. It is famous for its gaming facilities, of course, however, what makes this casino so amazing is the fact that you can go to the slopes during the whole day! You wake up in the snow-covered mountains which surround the casino! You can enjoy the view all day long. And if you are a fan of skiing, the ski resort is open the whole day, so you can go skiing while you are waiting for the games in the evening.


Located in South Africa, and opened in 1979, the casino called Sun City is famous for its natural surroundings. While staying in the casino you can go on safari tours, you can visit Pilanesberg National Park. There you can visit lions, zebras, monkeys, and other animals. It is the second most famous casino in the whole world!


The Desert Cave Hotel is located in Australia, and it is an underground casino! The casino owners did not have to worry about putting fewer windows so the gamblers could not have the idea of how long they have been in the casino, this casino is underground. Of course, there are some parts of the casino which are above the ground, however, the majority is below. The gamblers in the Desert Cave Hotel can escape the hot sun and enjoy the architecture in Southern Australia!


In the Far East feel as if you are in the South of Italy with a famous casino called the Venetian. Here you can ride the canals in a gondola and stay at St the replica of Mark’s square.


This is the most expensive hotel with a casino in Las Vegas. It is famous for its high-class experience, and it’s worth visiting.