Top Three Online Classes You Can Take Online

What is art? Why is it so appreciated? Expressing and applying human imagination and creativity, usually in a visual form is art. For that reason, art has always represented the highest level of creativity for humanity. People have always produced creative works which were appreciated for their beauty and emotional power. For some people being creative and artistic comes naturally, while for some others creativity and the ability to produce artistic works is hard and unreachable. It is believed that in order to produce artistic works you need to have a talent for art. This may be true, people who are great artists can produce amazing work out of nothing. However, in the beginning, could they be as good as they are now? Did they need practice? Practice makes it work, or so it is believed. So the question is whether taking classes can help you become creative and artistic or not. The answer is probably both yes and no. Even though this may seem confusing, the reality is that without interest in art and without creativity (if there is a human being who is not creative at all) you can not just develop your artistic sense. Nevertheless, for those who do possess at least some artistic sense, taking classes and practicing can indeed increase their artistic and creative side.

Not long time ago, the only way you could take art classes such as painting classes could be face to face. You find a teacher, you go to classes. However, the modern ages brought us many new things, the best of all being the Internet. The development of the Internet has brought the possibility to do many new things, including art classes, without leaving the comfort of your home. For that reason, in the following paragraphs, the top three online classes you can take online will be explored.


Proko is an online course by Stan Prokopenko, an accomplished fine artist from California. Stan Prokopenko publishes on YouTube some high-quality teaching videos on different techniques which can be very useful. However, these videos are just a small portion of his full course. Proko offers many courses, some of them being a full anatomy course or a figure drawing course. Naturally, for a full premium course, some money needs to be paid. Nevertheless, the quality of his courses is what it makes it worth.

Aaron Blaise

Have you heard of Aaron Blaise? If you are an animation lover or simple Disney lover, you know who Aaron Blaise is. He is a long-time Disney artist known for teaching art and animation. If you have an interest in animation, his online courses are what you need. He has worked for over 50 years in animation, and he has a lot to offer.

CGMA classes

For those who want to concentrate on one specific topic, CGMA classes are a perfect choice! The classes are run online with personal reviews from the teacher. It is something like an online school. CGMA classes offer sketching classes, character art, painting, lighting and many others.

We hope that these online classes are helpful in developing your artistic and creative side.